2016: Effectual Calling: Conrad Mbewe

The 2016 Deep South Founders Conference met at Bethlehem Baptist Church, in Laurel MS, January 28-30, 2016. Audio will be available soon.

January 28-30, 2016

Thursday Evening: 6:30 pm

Conrad Mbewe
Evangelistic Sermon: Two Attitudes of the Eldest Son

Friday Morning: 9:30 am

Ken Fryer
Grace and the Effectual Call
(audio not available)

Conrad Mbewe
Effectual Calling and Predestination
(audio not available)

Friday Evening: 6:30 pm

Tom Hicks
The Effectual Calling of Persons Incapable of Being Outwardly Called

Conrad Mbewe
The Affect of Effectual Calling on the Mind, Heart, and Will

Saturday Morning: 9:30 am

Ed Wallen
The Effectual Calling and Common Grace

Conrad Mbewe
The Agency of Effectual Calling (Word & Spirit)